Protect your puppy! We implant the microchip ID system as an option. Have your new puppy micro chipped for onaly 39.95 so if he/she is ever lost or stolen, Your pet can be easily linked to you. To learn more about the MICROCHIP I.D. SYSTEM click here. If you want the microchip implant on your new puppy. please let me know.


We Accept the following:

Western Union, Money Grams, Checks, Money orders and the following credit cards.

If paying with pay pal. Please note that they charge 4% for there service.

We specialize in Teacup poodles, English Bull Terriers, Chihuahuas and Dobermans.

Here at Puppies delivered to you, we breed for health, temperament and beauty. Each puppy comes with their shots up to date, tails docked, dewclaws removed. Also vet checked with their vet certificate for our shipped puppies, a health guarantee and of course their AKC registration papers. We also ship our puppies You can find more information on the shipping page or contact me by phone or e-mail.


We now accept Credit Card Payments by Phone.

Sundays are reserved For family and our Lord Jesus Christ.

If You email  or call. We will gladly respond back  on monday. Thank You.

Gabby Applegate, Beverly Hills CA 90210



The Best AKC Registered Puppies on the Internet


I want to take this opportunity to thank Nichole Phoenix Nichole Phoenix. She adopted 3 cartoon pets from me. Thank You Nichole, You are still even more beautiful in person. I am glad I got to meet you. You are such a sweet person. If you ever have any questions regarding my babies. Please don't hesitate on calling me.

Nichole Phoenix 

Adult Entertainer/Singer/Writer

Aww thanks! You've have been so attentive, kind n helpful to me from the beginning! (Me calling at least once a day with stupid questions! Lol!) thank you for the opportunity of having these 3 beautiful, sweet, such smart puppies! They have been nothing but a enjoy n bring a huge smile on my face all day long! I'll keep you updated on there progress n call n bug you from time to time! Haha! Thank you again, I feel so honored having these 3 little bundles of joy!

Nichole Phoenix  from Las Vegas NV

Hi Every body! its me Robert Lozano. CEO of  Cartoon pets website. I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to the Estrada family With all of you. They are one of the most humble and nicest family that we had ever met. We decided to drive about 1,000 miles to there home. To deliver two teacup puppies they adopted from us (LV & GUCCI). When we arrived to there beautiful home. They had lunch for us. Roasted Chicken, mashed Potato and gravy, Corn,  Soda, Water and for desert. My favorite Frosted chewy sugar cookies. 

   Then after lunch they took us to there studio Where the famous Sesi recorded her music. By the way She recorded with The famous Selenas dad. IT was amazing ! It was  my first time ever being in a famous persons house let alone studio. Any ways... I just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to say Thank you to the Estrada family and Dont ever change! stay humble!  


 Hello Robert, & Anna Just making sure YOU guys got home ??  babies are doing fine we went ahead and payed for an 8 week one day a week course training that doesnt start till 24th of feb SO we are going to try and keep these babies REAL smart cause they almost look like they can talk Lol OMG the compliments on them Both at the pet store
people were amazed on  how Small and adorable they were some said that they looked like dust mites!!!! LOL But I think YOUr going to sell Out on the next litter also I will let You know If i get for sure people !!! i gave your website out to a few people at the pet store!!  But let me know on how you guys got home and stay in touch God bless!
I forgot to give you the websites while you guys were here to also give to Your families

Roys is
mine is my store in town but i am still building my website and i am not quite open yet
sesi 's is      we need to update that baddddd
and    i believe we are also in the process of working with people out of new york i will
let you know if that works out !! we will see
and sesis store you can find on you tube if you just type in Style Junkie it will come up clips of the store
and also you can You tube sesi tejano  and some of her performances should come up go to one called
Enfouque musical that is in two parts its a show she did in house at Abrahams Studio At Q-productions (selena's dads)
Stay in touch Sylvia E tell Anna I said Hello !!!


 Hey Robert , Just touching Base on these gorgeous Pups Well They just

Graduated from there first course of puppy class they were taught to sit stay, leach walk stop when we stop sit wait leave it if you say to leave it on treats and  eat it when we say take it and that is for in case we are at a cookout or if they find something on the floor that could be bad to them, they lay until we say good , and one trick still learning but to graduate they had to do it once without messing up jumping through a hola hoop they are very obedient and i get compliments on how well behaved they are I am going to send you graduation pictures sometime next week i have to pick up copies , Angel was a little intimidated on his test but he pulled through Heaven is super friendly and is not afraid of any other size dog lol she is so something !!!! I HAVE no Regrets adding them to our Family i will send pictures
again Thanks Robert for doing what you do makes a lot of people healthier and happier having these creatures around
sincerely Sylvia Estrada and Family. 


Hey Robert, hope everything is good  here I sent You a few pictures of the pups well 9 months old now!!!!!! they doing great and always a conversation piece still any where we go
hope you like them.



Hello Robert , How are You and the Family Hopefully in the Great and best of Health! We are all here and well thats all we can ask for !!lol
i just wanted to send a few pics of angel and heaven first is angel , showing him against the beer bottle for you recommendations, next is Heaven she is so so proud and full of life lol so is angel he is more huggable mushy like haha we love them so much , sometimes we forget that
they are dogs they have such personalities ! the other pic is both together They are doing so so well already have thier adult faces :( i didnt want them to grow up yet like our children lol I will keep this short and hope you like the pics and to just let you know they are well and
Full of love and Life and a very BIG part of our Family any time the kids call and check on us the married ones that is they always ask for the Kids meaning our children and Our Pets (other CHildren) l0l hah lol Keep in touch as i will and tell the Family we said hello

and god Bless
Sylvia E

Some of my puppy adopters!


 Thank You T.J Web for purchasing a puppy from Cartoon Pets and for loving him so much. Keep up the very good work that you do in the film Industry. You really do rock it!

I just got my first Doberman from! She is so sweet tempered, loving, and the cutest thing on earth! I highly recommend them. The service and family at mycartoonpets take such good care of the puppies and are such a joy in working with through the adoption process!

I am honored and excited to write that Gabby Applegate the Designer of Gaby Applegate. Adopted a puppy from us. Thank You Gabby. This is her web site.


T.J Web


Thank you so very much for our second Doberman from My Cartoon Pets! Ruger is a perfect addition to our family. Just a few days after her long flight to New Hampshire, I am happy to say that she has blended beautifully with her brother Rocky, our cat, and 3 goats. Ruger is a smart, confident little puppy who can come on first command, sits, and can even give high fives! Ruger also loves to hike with her family. We have had Ruger for only two weeks, but it seems much longer than that because of her loving personality.

When we first got her, we noticed how clean and shiny her coat was. She was not fearful of us or the other animals, so we know she came from a well-socialized kennel. I cannot recommend Cartoon Pets enough!! Thanks again for another wonderful Doberman!


Bob & Wendy Miller

Bob & Wendy Miller in New Hampshire

Ruger is the MOST STUNNING dog most people have seen! Not a day passes without multiple compliments.

She is the star of her training classes and starting agility, she loves it! What an athlete! Her nature is so sweet and cuddly. What a personality! Wow, thanks again!

  The vet and everyone wants to know where we got her! Would like us to breed her(her appointment for spaying is in 3WEEKS). WE TOOK HER AN HOUR AWAY to have her ears taped twice way back. They are perfect! What a happy, smart affectionate girl!

Loves to swim and boat, hike and chase the cat haha. Cuddle the cat also. We take her to a doggy daycare to socialize a few times a week. They have lots of staff and swimming pools and inside Ac when it's to hot. She lives like the princess she is......

K, im done bragging about your fine dog! See ya for awhile 😆

but Seriously, you would want her back hahaha. Her parents must be the best! I've seen beautiful dogs but her coat shines and she is so muscles. Her personality is to die for!


(Pictured below Nichole Phoenix, and I), Her adopting her 4th puppy from Cartoon Pets. ThankYou Nichole!

Adult Entertainer/Singer/Writer

Adopted by

Sharon Hinnendael

(Movie Actress)


Our new puppy owners that pick up there new puppy. Will receive a Puppy Bandana, Puppy Diaper bag (tote), Lead (Collar and Leash) Puppy toy, along with a small bag of puppy food and a puppy kit folder. As a free gift!